A social network for musicians to turn new listeners into loyal fans.

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Don’t ride the wave. Create the wave!

TownWave is revolutionizing the way musicians are discovered and providing them with the power to create their own wave!

A Social Network For Music

Free Streaming and Zero Ads

Localized Music

Discover music nearby and connect with local musicians. Or check out music from different cities.

Social Interaction

Share your favorite songs, artists or playlists with your network... All without leaving the app!

100% Free Streaming

We are not in the business of hassling listeners to enjoy music!

Organic Growth for Musicians

Our Surge tool allows artists to choose a city to discover their music.

Limitless Discovery for Listeners

Every time you open the TownWave app, you’ll discover new music nearby.

Blockchain Technology

Stay tuned to find out more about our Soundbit Ecosystem.

Want To Help Musicians Break Through?

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From Local Act to Superstar

TownWave is designed to help undiscovered musicians expand their following locally. Our main focus is to provide artists & bands with tools to organically expand their sound and reach new audiences.

Upload Music

Upload your music to the Artist Dashboard.

Surge Your Best Songs

Use our surge tool to pick a city that deserves to hear your music.

Understand What Songs Are Working For You & Where

We provide you with analytics to understand how each song is performing.

Our team

Tyler Holden
Tyler Holden
JP Valadez
JP Valadez
Dalton Dellsperger
Dalton Dellsperger


October 2018
Deploy Android app
December 2018
Incorporate user-based blockchain technology
Soundbit Airdrop

Token Giveaway to first 50,000 Users